Thanks to a generous grant, we are pleased to offer an opportunity for local non-profits, volunteer organizations, community groups and others to host an online screening.

Download our discussion guide, screening toolkit, poster templates and more:


How does it work?

Approval of an online screening license grants your organization the ability to share a private link with your community. The link contains a specific number of views and an expiration date. A maximum screening time period of one month is allowed per license. Each license allows up to 200 views of the film. If you are interested in having more than 200 views, additional views can be purchased at $1/view.

Both the 75-minute feature and 35-minute short version are available to screen.

Does everyone watch the film at a specific time?

No, this is not a live stream of the film. The film is available to your audience for the time period you specify (maximum of one month).

Can we host a virtual panel discussion after the screening?

Absolutely! Planning a video chat with your audience shortly after the screening period ends is an optimal way to engage with your community over the issues in the film.

Is there a limit to how many people can view the film at once?

The only limit is the total number of views allowed for the screening. The maximum number of views with a free license is 200. Additional views can be purchased for $1/view.

Is it possible to stream the film through a video chat service?

Yes, but we do not recommend doing that. The video and audio quality of the film will be greatly reduced. If you are still interested, please email us: info@righttoharm.film

Are the filmmakers or cast members available for an online video chat after the screening?

There is a good chance some one is available. Please ask and we will do our best to accommodate.